Let me introduce Angelica aka TheLiveItUp today – fashion lover, designer and sneaker lover blogging from Madrid, Spain. She works as an art designer and runs her blog and Instagram with a sense of color balance and symmetry. I asked her about her motivation, how she handles to manage her money job and her blog at the same time and how she spends her time off. Good read, enjoy! #FEMYEAH

Please introduce yourself to our community. What’s your name and where are you from?

My name is Angelica, but my friends call me Angie.
I was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, in a fairly large and close family. I’m the youngest of three kids and the only girl. I guess that had a big influence on the way I am day-to-day, and on my sense of style. I was always the “little princess” of the family, but I was also the one who found it hardest to be heard. There’s a lot of that in my photos and in the way I understand fashion and streetwear.

What is your motivation – Why did you start your instagram and website?

I couldn’t really define an age when I became interested in fashion. As a little girl, I always loved walking into my mums closet and trying on all of her clothes. I remember that since I was really young, even when I chose the clothes I´d wear to school, I always had strong opinions and my own criteria about my outfits. I´ve always been a little restless, and whenever I see someone wearing something I liked I had to find out where it was from.

Then, I start posting my outfits and my sneaker collection on my blog an IG, and started getting bigger and bigger.
It is just about sharing your passion and the things you love ☺

Is that your money job?

I spend most of my time working as a designer and art director at an advertising agency in Madrid (Spain).
Basically, I’m in charge of the look and feel of the campaigns, and trying to make something attractive out of anything that comes my way. I love designing and everything that has anything to do with creating. Luckily I can spend my time doing this on a professional level!

I love my job and to some extent, I put a lot of it into my blog and my Instagram content.
My way of understanding the composition of photographs, and even fashion, has a lot to do with being a designer obsessed with balance and symmetry. ☺

It is just about sharing your passion and the things you love

palace_stussy_2How much time do you spend running your website and your instagram?

I spend a lot of time running my IG anf my blog. Preparing the shootings, editing the pics, writing… It is a lot of work, but I love it.

What would be your favorite collaboration for your insta?

I would love to design my own shoe… That would be a dream!

What does a typical day in your life look like?

Shower, chai-latte, and check social media.

Then I drive to my office in the center of Madrid, in Gran Via. There I work as a designer, at an agency called Sra. Rushmore. I am in charge of the looks and feelings of the campaigns, and pretty much making everything that comes to my hands prettier!

After work, I go to the gym, then to the spa, and order some dinner (I am a terrible cook). I also take time to sit down in front of my computer, and work on new blog posts, answer e-mails, and review photos.

When that is all done, I watch a good TV show and straight to bed!

Imagine one day off – what would you do spontaneously?

I love speding time with my frieds and family at the beach. I love the sea, it gives me peace and a great sensation of freedom. Everytime I have time, I take a plane to the islands and spend time with my beloved family.

How do you choose your outfit in the morning?

Starting from the sneakers.. then I choose the rest.

I have to admit that my heart has always belonged to Nike

02_supremeWhich brands are currently your favorite?

I have to admit that my heart has always belonged to Nike. It was the first brand I wanted and begged for. My first Air Max. Those BWs that I look at now that make me think, “Why those?” But at the time, I adored them!

What is your favorite piece of clothing at the moment?

My vintage LV

Snapshot: Your current top3 of sneakers in your wardrobe?

  • AM97, Silver Bullet and Metallic Gold
  • Jordan I, Royal Blue
  • Reebok Club C X Palace

In your opinion who shall be our next FEM(s)?

I love @ginneynoa style! ☺

Angie: Homepage / Facebook: @theliveitup / Instagram: @theliveitup / Twitter: @theliveitup