Let me introduce FEM Curly aka Curly_paups today – streetwear vintage girl, graphic designer and sneaker lover from Lille, France. She has a passion for the 90s kind of style and runs her Instagram to share her passion with like-minded people. I asked her how she manages to stay active on Insta despite her money job, how she chooses her outfit in the morning and what her current top3 of sneakers is. Good read, enjoy! #FEMYEAH

Please introduce yourself to our community. What’s your name and where are you from?

Hi! My name is Curly Paups ( it is my sur-name). I am 32-year-old and come from Lille (France), I am a graphic designer/webdesigner. I am fascinated of the streetwear/vintage fashion, the Street Art and especially the sneakers. I like being different from others.

What is your motivation – Why did you start your instagram?

I started instagram in order to share my passion for sneakers and drawing. This allowed me to meet a lot of people who have that same passion and it’s cool!

Is that your money job?

My job is graphic designer.

My typical day begins by choosing the pair of sneakers..

?chilli pepper ?

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How much time do you spend running your insta?

I am on instagram every day, I am very curious and like to inspire me about what surrounds me. With work sometimes it stays complicated to be active but I regularly post my photos when I have free time. In average time I do not know but I think I am very often :)

What would be your favorite collaboration for your insta?

I do not really have a preference, when I am offered a collaboration it is always with pleasure that I accept it.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

My typical day begins by choosing the pair of sneakers that I am going to carry according to my day humor … then I entamme my working day as graphic designer.

Imagine one day off – what would you do spontaneously?

I travel, and I’m always looking for an original place idea to make my pictures. I also take the time to see my family and friends.

How do you choose your outfit in the morning?

I always choose according to my sneakers I find that is what dresses the outfit.

I like very much the 90S style.

Pastel ?

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Which brands are currently your favorite?

I like very much the 90S style. My favorite brands: fila, Ellesse, Reebok, Champion the USA… I also like designer brands streetwear as NEIGE, DROLE DE MONSIEUR, BENIBLA and many others. I make essentially my shopping in secondhand clothes shops on Brussels, Paris and small independent shops. But also on web with signs(brands) rather Englishwomen or Swedes…

What is your favorite piece of clothing at the moment?

Difficult to choose more I think it is the popper pant, and a top chicago bulls.

Snapshot: Your current top3 of sneakers in your wardrobe?

My top 3 is the Vapor Max triple black (love love love), the Air Max plus pink and the Air Max TL 2005.

In your opinion who shall be our next FEM(s)?

I hope it will be a streewear woman who wears sneakers.

Curly – Instagram: @curly_paups

Shark ?

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⚽️BOCA⚽️ #soccer #bocajuniors

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Wax ?☀️#mysneakermatch

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?Popper ❤️#détails

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Get down ?♥️

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